What is Vaginal Enlargement and Loss of Sensation?

What is Vaginal Enlargement and Loss of Sensation?

One of the most common sexual problems that negatively affect postpartum sexual life is vaginal enlargement and loss of sensation. Enlargement of the vagina that cannot hold the penis can cause arousal problem. Vaginal enlargement, which occurs with the weakening of the vaginal muscles after childbirth, can cause the following problems:

  • urinary incontinence
  • Anal incontinence (Fecal incontinence and stool incontinence problems)
  • lost penis syndrome
  • Sound from the vagina during intercourse due to the opening in the vagina

These and similar situations, which lead to a lack of pleasure in sexual intercourse and sometimes cause a painful sexual intercourse, can cause a lack of self-confidence and avoidance of sexuality in women, thus damaging relationships. Vaginoplasty surgeries are an effective genital beautification procedure in eliminating postpartum vaginal enlargement and related physiological and psychological complaints .

Avoiding Sexual Intercourse Due to Image Disorder

Childbirth for a woman; It leads to some changes in both mental, physical and life. The area where postpartum bodily changes are most affected is the genital area. Genital darkening may occur due to hormonal changes , relaxation and sagging problems may occur due to damage to the muscle tissues of the baby at birth, episiotomy . Unpleasant scars may develop in the perineum due to incisions . These visual deformations, which develop mainly due to vaginal delivery, can turn into aesthetic anxiety for women due to visual disturbances and cause avoidance of sexual intercourse. Removal of postpartum sexual dysfunctions with genital beautification surgery also means visual improvement.

How Does Vaginal Dryness Affect Sex Life After Childbirth?

The vagina protects itself by secreting fluid during sexual intercourse. Vaginal fluids secreted with sexual arousal are in a sense the defense mechanism of the vagina against friction. The condition that the vagina is not wet enough during sexual intercourse is called vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness, which makes postpartum sexuality difficult, may develop due to hormonal changes. Insufficient wetting in the vagina and lack of lubrication are one of the reasons for painful sexual intercourse. The problem of vaginal dryness, which comes to the fore with the deterioration of the vaginal flora after childbirth, can cause pain and burning sensation during intercourse, causing women to avoid sexual intercourse. Vaginal dryness can be treated with different approaches. An obstetrician and gynecologist you can consult in the face of this problem will create a treatment plan according to the causes of the vaginal dryness problem. There are some things you can do individually and with your partner in the face of vaginal dryness . You can support the planned treatment for vaginal dryness individually and as a couple by:

  • Using a lubricant gel recommended by the doctor
  • Extending the foreplay time
  • Keeping in touch with the partner
  • Making room for different techniques and positions in sexuality
  • Helping the body maintain its moisture balance
  • vaginal hygiene , avoiding cleaning products that will trigger dryness and damage the natural structure of the vagina
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