What is Vaginismus?

Vaginismus is a sexual dysfunction seen in womenVaginismus is defined as the involuntary contraction of the muscles at the entrance of the vagina during intercourse, making sexual intercourse difficult or impossibleInvoluntary contractions that occur during sexual intercourse are a kind of defense mechanism of the body. Vaginismus disease can be treated by applying a combination of psychological and physiological approachesA woman with vaginismus does not allow not only sexual intercourse, but also any contact with the vaginal area, including vaginal consultations. Vaginismus that should be treated with the cooperation of a gynecologist and psychologist Although it is common, it is a problem that is postponed and avoided.

How is vaginismus treatment done?

The biggest mistake made about vaginismus disease is to act with a procrastination approachVaginismus is a sexual dysfunction that is generally tried to be left to time, but does not go away over time. For this reason, before the question of how to treat vaginismus , the question of how to raise awareness about the disease should be askedVaginismus disease is one of the biggest obstacles to establishing a healthy male-female relationshipIt is recommended that couples participate together in the treatment processes of this disease, which can damage relationships to the extent that it can lead to divorce.

How is vaginismus treated?

Vaginismus is a disease with a psychological background, dominated by fears and anxieties in sexualityInstead of going to the doctor, many women with vaginismus problems try to find the answer to the question of how to treat vaginismus from other sources and try to solve this problem on their ownVaginismus, which is considered as a sexual dysfunction in women, is a disease that can be treated with sexual therapy methodsIn studies on how to treat vaginismus from various sources , vaginismus exercises are the most common treatment methodVaginismus exercises are part of sexual therapyWith homework consisting of physical and communicative practices, women are tried to gain their sexual identity

Bursa vaginismus treatment appointment

The process of vaginismus treatment ends with success when the woman discovers her body and sexual identityIn societies where sexuality is taboo, it is a problem to express the problems that affect sexual life. The patient should be able to participate in the treatment process with a sense of confidenceIn this respect, the feeling of trust between the patient and the doctor is a must for vaginismus treatmentsFor Bursa vaginismus treatment appointment procedures, you can contact Yuliya Doster Clinic and safely carry out your treatment process.

Vaginismus symptoms

Vaginismus is not a problem that can go away on its ownFor a healthy sexual life, it is necessary to notice in time and take steps for treatment without wasting time.

What are the symptoms of vaginismus ?

    Difficult or inability to have sexual intercourse

    Painful sexual intercourse

    Painful vaginal examination

    Lack of vaginal examination

    Contractions in other parts of the body along with the vagina during intercourse

Vaginismus exercises

Vaginismus exerciseswhich are a part of the sexual therapy process , consist of methods that help women discover their body and sexual identity. Learning to communicate is the first step in treatmentDuring the therapy phase, some exercises are given to strengthen the communication between the couplesThese exercises aim to help women learn how to express themselves sexuallyVaginismus exercises applied during the treatment process are applied in the following order:

Mirror Exercise: The woman is allowed to examine and explore her genital area in front of the mirror.

Kegel Exercises: The purpose of kegel exercises, which are applied together with correct breathing methods, is to prevent involuntary contractionsWomen are taught how to keep their vaginal muscles under control.

Finger Exercises: The aim here is to learn to control the muscles of the vagina when a finger or other object is in the vaginaSpouses can also be asked for help at this stageThe vagina is tried to be desensitized with finger exercisesFinger exercises can be a little challenging for some women.

Progressive sexual intercourse: It is aimed to gradually accustom the vagina to the penis.

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