What is hymenoplasty?

The hymen is a thin-textured mucous structure located 1-2 cm inside the vaginaThe hymen tissue, can have a different structure in each womanAnatomical structure of the hymensexual intercourse, various accidents and traumas, materials that force the vaginal entrance or some surgeriesThe hymen is considered a symbol of virginity in some traditional societies and is given importanceHymenoplasty is an operation to reconstruct the damaged hymen tissue anatomicallyThe integrity of the hymen can be restored temporarily or permanently with hymenoplasty operationsGenerally, hymenoplasty preferred with traditional pressures or for personal reasons recent years, it has also attracted attention for the purpose of rejuvenation.


Hymen repair surgery

Hymen repair surgery , which can be performed with two different methods as temporary or permanent, can be applied to all women who have suitable health conditions for the surgical process, in line with their personal preferences, demands and wishesThe main purpose of hymenoplasty is the realization of bleedingFor this reasonthe time factor to have sexual intercourse plays an important role in determining the method to be applied for hymen repair surgery .

Temporary hymen surgery operations are performed by combining the separated tissuesDuring the operation, the vaginal entrance is narrowed and temporary sutures are removedThe most important thing to consider in planting temporary hymen is the time factorThe durability of the process is from 5 to 7 days.

In permanent hymen repair surgeries, the flap method, which can only be disrupted by sexual intercourse, is usedThe surgery, which is performed by removing the tissue under the hymen, has similar characteristics with the vaginal tightening procedure.


Hymen repair prices

One of the most frequently asked questions about such operations is the transaction costHymen repair prices , which may vary according to the technique to be applied in the surgery and the professional experience of the specialist doctor , is one of the procedures that does not force the budget. Since the factors determining the price criteria cannot be ignored, it should be known that the figures encountered in the research results regarding the prices of hymen repair may be misleading.

Bursa hymen repair appointment

Since the hymen is a sensitive issue in terms of social values, hymenoplasty, which is a controversial procedure, should be performed in safe and appropriate operating room conditions that prioritize patient privacy, confidentiality and healthBursa hymen surgery to make an appointment you can contact Yuliya Doster Clinic and get through the process without any problems


After hymen surgery

During the recovery period after hymen surgery , it is not expected that there will be problems that will affect daily life. Although it does not require special care or dressing application , there are some points to be considered after hymen surgery .

        There may be leakage and bleeding between 1 week and 10 days.

        Care should be taken not to lift heavy weights for 10 days.

        After the hymen surgeryattention should be paid to the way of sitting for 15 days.

        All strenuous activities should be avoided for 2 weeksForced activities and actions such as cycling, horse riding, and straining can cause the stitches to open.

Disrupted hymen models

The hymen, which is 2-3 cm inside the vaginal entrance, can be in different structures and types in everyoneWhile the hymen can be opened easily, in some, it can cause difficulties due to its thick and flexible structureDeteriorated hymen models can also differ from each other according to their structural differences and types . The hymen is generally torn in 1 or 2 placesTears extending to the vaginal wall are considered as full openingIt can be said that the integrity of the hymen is partially broken for the ruptures that do not progress to the vaginal wall.

How long does hymen bleeding last?

Bleeding usually occurs after rupture of the hymenThere may also be cases where bleeding may not occur or may occur laterThe hymen can be torn in the first sexual intercourse, as well as in subsequent intercourseIn cases where the hymen is torn and bleeding occursthe answer to the question of how long the hymen bleeding lasts is a matter of curiosityBleeding after intercourse may continue for a few days in the form of spotting.

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