Genital Beautification

Genital Beautification

What is Genital Beautification?

Genital beautification consists of procedures that include functional and aesthetic adjustments. The genital area is expressed as a private area by many people In addition to being a discourse developed with a sense of privacy, the private zone is also used to emphasize the importance of the first step in life. In cultures where it is difficult to say the genital area, genital beautification may seem like a very distant conceptIn today’s modern world, with the increase in women’s awareness about their bodies, the awareness that many aesthetic deformations related to the genital area can also be a health problem has begun to settleWe can solve with all problems with genital beautification. This leads to a more accurate perception of the concept, increasing the interest in the procedures carried out in this context day by day.

In the genital area, sagging, color changes and dysfunctions may occur due to reasons such as aging, birth, hormonal disorders, gravity, genetic inheritanceThe resulting deformations can be visually disturbing, damaging the sense of self-confidence and driving women away from sexual life. In some cases, depending on these deformations, urinary system diseases and fungal infections may develop, which can lead to painful sexual intercourse, urinary incontinence and burning problems during urination, and vaginal odor and discharge caused by infectionGenital area problems are important enough to reduce not only the quality of sexual life, but also the overall quality of life. Based on the principle that sexuality is the most important part of a healthy life, genital beautification aims to offer personalized solutions to the needs, expectations and problems of the private area, with an approach that addresses the effects of these problems with their psychological dimensionsThis operation, which approaches the private area with a total perspective, aims to solve all possible problems with different procedural contents.


How is Genital Area Beautification Performed?

There are many different procedures that can be applied within the scope of genital beautification  Each procedure is individual in that it addresses different problems and needsGenital beautification procedures are planned in line with the requirements and expectationsFor the procedure to be applied, first of all, the general health condition of the patient is required to be relatively good for surgical proceduresGenital beautification treatments can be performed after detailed health screeningsIn this context, the most frequently preferred and applied procedures can be listed as follows:

1-Vaginoplasty Surgery

Vaginoplasty is known as a vaginal tightening operationThe vagina may lose its form over time due to reasons such as birth of a high weight baby, one or more births, aging, and an active sexual life. Although the vagina is an organ that renews itself and can recover quickly, enlargement and sagging problems

may occur due to these reasonsThese deformations, which make sexual intercourse difficult for couples, can be removed with vaginoplasty surgery applied within the scope of genital beautification . It can be done with fat transfer or plastic surgery suture techniques to the vaginal tractWhile vaginoplasty makes the vagina more suitable for sexual intercourse, it also minimizes the risks of infection and vaginal noise.


2-Labiaplasty Surgery:

Labiaplasty is a genital beautification procedure that wraps and protects the vagina and corrects the deformations of the labia minora (inner tissues) and labia majora (outer part). It is mainly applied due to the complaints of sagging on the labium minorDeformity of the labia minora that can be seen over the labia majora can lead to painful sexual intercourse, decreased pleasure from sexuality, and avoidance of sexuality due to visual dissatisfactionLabia minora growth and sagging can occur with aging, birth or structurallyDuring the operation, the excess skin on the labia minora is removed from the body and a more aesthetic appearance is obtained by transferring fat to the labia majoraIt is aimed to achieve a total beautification and rejuvenation with an operation that takes an average of 1 hour under general anesthesia.


3  Monsplasty Surgery:

The pubis, also called mon pubis, is a triangular shaped bumpy structure that forms the anterior part of the external genitaliaIn the surgical procedure, which is performed by removing the fat tissue formed in this region from the body, it is aimed to eliminate the aesthetic concerns caused by the excessively puffy appearanceWith the liposuction technique, the existing fat is removed from the body. It is one of the treatment of genital beautification procedures.


4  Perinoplasty Surgery

Perinoplasty is performed in order to aesthetically remove the suture marks that extend from the vagina to the anus of the normal deliveryThis incision, called an episiotomy, is placed on the wall between the birth canal and the breech, but often it can cause both aesthetic and functional lossPerinoplasty is one of the genital beautification treatments that can be performed together with vaginoplasty surgery, if requested .


5  Fat transfer

The regional fats in our body are an excellent source of stem cells and can autologously fill the desired areasSome fat is removed from the patient’s body with the liposuction methodThis fat is enriched with stem cells by being subjected to some processes. This fat is then injected into the desired areas for beautification of the genital areaThis fat, which can be injected into areas such as labia majora, G spot, provides plumping as well as rejuvenation with the advantages of stem cells.


6  Urinary incontinence

In this area, where the reproductive system and the excretory system coexist,

the problem of urinary incontinence may arise due to age-related or uncontrolled births. Many women suffer from the problem of urinary incontinence and is referred to as incontinence in the medical literature, can also be solved with the genital beautification technique.


7  Vagina whitening

The problem of vaginal pigmentation problem, which is the first problem we encounter in the female genital area, that is under the influence of hormones, can be solved with vaginal peelings With the labiaplasty operation, the pigmented tissue removed from the body and the fat transfer also help to lighten the color of the area.

Genital beautification treatments also include non-surgical laser treatments, dermal filler tretments instead of autologous fatNeeds such as tightening, lightening, and plumping can also be realized.


Genital Beautification Operation

The genital beautification operation performed surgically is subject to some processes that should be considered for the patient before and after.

Before the genital beautification operation the patient;

  Should inform the surgeon about chronic diseases and the drugs he regularly uses.

    The use of blood thinners should be suspended before the surgical operation and should not be started after the procedure without the knowledge and approval of the doctor.

    Smoking should be stopped in order to ensure patient safety in surgeries that need to be performed under anesthesia and to get through the recovery process comfortably and in a short time.

    Before the genital beautification operation, the warnings and instructions of the doctor should be carefully followed and applied.

After the genital beautification operation , the patient;

    Depending on the procedure, the doctor should rest for the time recommended by the doctor. A rapid entry into social life is not recommended before the rest period is completed.

    In the early phase of the healing process, it is necessary to avoid compelling movements such as cycling and motorcycle use.

    The genital area is moist in natureThis is one of the factors that increase the risk of infection and bleedingHygiene should be the most important issue during the recovery phase after the genital beautification operation, in order to prevent the opening of the stitches and to minimize the risk of bleeding and infection . The surgical area should be duly cleaned and kept dry.

    After the genital beautification operation , sexual life should be interrupted for at least 1 month.


Bursa Genital Area Beautification

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