Hysterosalpingogram HSG

Hysterosalpingogram HSG

How is the Hysterosalpingogram HSG done?

The answer to the question of when the HSG is requested and how the Hysterosalpingogram HSG done, is a matter of curiosityHysterosalpingogram HSG is a technique for imaging the uterine canals for diagnosisThe technique of radiological imaging of the uterine cavity and uterine tubes with the given contrast material is called HSG (Hysterosalpingography), that is, uterine film. With the uterine film, the functionality of the tubes and the structure of the uterine cavity are examinedSohow is Hysterosalpingogram taken ? What stages does it consist of? Is it a painful procedure?

First of all, the speculum instrument used in vaginal examinations is attached to make the cervix visibleThe vagina and cervix are purified with antiseptic solutionsWhile injecting contrast agents, metal cannulas or a metal-free balloon catheter can be usedThe uterine cavity and tubes are visualized with radio-opaque materials. HGS administered through a balloon catheter may be less painful than the procedure with metal cannulas.

Hysterosalpingogram HSG cost

Radiological imaging can be performed in private or public hospitals or clinicsDepending on where it will be taken, the cost of Hysterosalpingogram may differHSG can be taken in public hospitals for a small feeHowever, in cases where the time criterion is important, private hospitals or clinics may be preferredEven in cases where it will be shot in a private hospital, the cost of HSG may vary from hospital to hospital.

What is Hysterosalpingogram HSG ?

What is today’s technologyHysterosalpingogram HSGIs it a painful procedureShe put her questions aside. Uterine film has become a radiological imaging technique that can be performed painlessly thanks to the latest technological medical devicesIn the HSGBy examining the uterine cavity, its structure and shape in detail, it is checked whether the tubes are open, whether there are polyps or fibroids in the uterus

What is Bursa Hysterosalpingogram HSG?

HSG should be taken by a gynecologist and radiologist under clinical or hospital conditionsObstetrician and gynecologist Yuliya Doster MD is a proven name in the field of gynecologyWhat is Bursa Hysterosalpingogram HSG, Where is it filmedWhile doing research, following all gynecological processes with great care, a appointment can be made by contacting Yuliya Doster Clinic.

Why is the HSG done?

After a detailed gynecological examination, it may be necessary to take a HSG in line with the examination findings and the patient’s complaintsHSG is one of the tests needed for the diagnosis of infertility if pregnancy does not occur despite regular sexual intercourse.

Besides detecting infertilitywhy is a HSG done ?

    To detect closed tubes

    To investigate the presence of cancer disease

    To detect tissue disorders in the uterus

    To investigate causes of miscarriage

What is the type of anesthesia of HSG

Many patients, who are worried that HSG will be a painful procedureseek the answer to the question of how to take an anesthetic HSG . Hysterosalpingogram such a simple procedure that anesthesia is not needed for women who can have a vaginal consultation Before the HSG is applied, the procedure area can be anesthetized with local anesthesia, if the obstetrician and gynecologist deems it appropriateIn addition, HSGIt can also be performed under sedation for patients who cannot have a vaginal examination and have vaginismus problems.

There are some points to be considered before and after the HSG.

    HSG should be taken within a few days after the menstrual bleeding ends.

    The gynecologist may prescribe antibiotics before it.

    Painkillers can be taken 1 or 2 hours before the procedure, with the advice, knowledge and approval of the doctor.

    Mild discharge and bleeding may occur in the operation area.

    After the HSG, tenderness may occur in the operation area for 1-2 days.

    Due to both bleeding and sensitivity, sexual intercourse is not recommended for 2 days after HSG


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