Genital Filler

Genital Filler

What is Genital Filler?

In the external genitaliaDeformations due to volume loss may occur due to aging, post-menopausal hormonal changes, weight gain or use of some hormone drugsIn the external genitalia, the area most affected by these factors is the labio majoraThe labio majora is a protective shield against external factors by closing the labio minora. The skin tissue on the labio majora, which loses its flexibility and tension, begins to prolong and sagThe inability to fulfill its protective role on the labio minora makes the them vulnerableThis problem, which can also be visually disturbing, can be eliminated with Genital Filler treatmentsGenital Filler is an extremely successful treatment in eliminating non-advanced sagging and wrinkle problemsAlthough filler treatments are mostly identified with the face area, they are also widely preferred to compensate for the loss of function caused by loosening and sagging in the genital area.

What are the Genital Filler Types?

  Hyaluronic Acid Based Fillers


Hyaluronic acid, which is accepted as basic of skin tissue, can be applied to the places where the effects of aging are observed most frequently as a filler injection within the scope of anti-agingHyaluronic acid-based genital fillers, skin in needIt provides moisture, flexibility and tensionIt maintains its protective effect for an average of 6 months.


 Autologous Fat Fillers


Autologous fat fillers, which can have a lasting effect for many years, are an application performed by using people’s own fatsFats taken by liposuction method from areas where body fat is concentrated are injected into the areas needed in the vagina after centrifugation.


Nano Fat Filler Treatments


Nanofat is the technique of breaking down the adipose tissue through various processes and revealing the growth factorsIt is often injected into the G spot. It is also known as G shot or O shot, also known as orgasm shot.

Although genital filler treatments are mainly preferred for labio majora it can also be applied to the lower and side walls of the vagina in order to obtain a narrower and tighter vagina.

Vagina Fillers price

People who request the genital filler procedure for the purpose of tightening the vagina should not forget that the procedure should be performed by specialist doctors under appropriate clinical conditions when searching for Vagina Filler priceThe most reliable information about Vagina Filler price options can be obtained from the clinics where the procedure will be performed.

Vagina labio majora augmentation natural

The most popular area in genital filler treatment is the labio majoraWhile the

dysfunctions that may occur due to deformation in labio majora are eliminated, the procedure is expected to provide visually satisfactory resultsIn order for the vaginal labio majora augmentation to be natural, the loss of volume in the skin should not be too intenseVagina labio majora augmentation may not be a natural and satisfactory option for completely hollowed out and sagging skin . In this case, support can be obtained from other genital area beautification procedures.

Bursa Genital Filler Appointment

In order to find out if genital filler treatments are a suitable option for you and to be directed to a suitable treatment with an accurate diagnosisBursa Genital Filler is at the appointment stageYou can contact Yuliya Doster Clinic and access all kinds of information about genital filler treatments.


The length of the labio majora in the vagina

The labio majora are the places where sagging and wrinkles due to the loss of volume in the skin structure with aging are most evident in the external genitaliaThe labio majora, which is responsible for the health of the labio minora and therefore the health of the vagina, are also important in terms of visualityThe length of the labio majora in the vagina can be different for everyone, depending on the state of arousal, whether they have given birth, structural reasons, and age. With genital filler treatments the length of the labio majora of the vagina can be redesigned for labio majora that have lost their aesthetic and functional properties and have begun to lengthen and sag .


Bursa Genital filler specialist

It should not be forgotten that genital fillers, which can also be applied within the scope of genital area beautification, should be performed by specialist doctors in appropriate clinical conditionsAny intervention to the genital area is a part of genital healthGenital fillers require an accurate procedure planning and meticulous treatmantYuliya Doster MD carries out professionally at her clinic for many years


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