Irregular period

Irregular period

What causes menstrual irregularity?

Menstrual bleeding, which starts with puberty and ends with menopause, occurs on average every 28 daysThe lower and upper limits of the menstrual cycle are considered to be between 21 and 35 daysThe changes to be considered in order to talk about menstrual irregularity can be listed as follows:

        Menstrual bleeding before 21 days or after 35 days

        Disruptions in menstrual bleeding periods

        More or less menstrual bleeding

        Menstrual bleeding that lasts longer or shorter than normal

Every woman should establish a tracking system for her menstrual cycles so that she can detect irregularitiesIt should be kept in mind that while menstrual irregularity may be considered normal from time to time, it may also indicate serious problems that require action and interventionIn order to distinguish when menstrual irregularity should be taken seriouslyWhat causes abnormal menstruation , when is it importantThe answers to their questions must be sought.

        Ovarian cysts

        Irregularity in thyroid hormones


        Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

        Uterine and ovarian cancers

        Disruption of hormonal balance

        a stressful life

        Weather changes

        Gaining or losing excess weight


        mood disorders

        Some drugs used


        a sedentary lifestyle

What should be done for menstrual irregularity?

Every woman may experience menstrual irregularity problems at certain periods of her life. Although it is considered normal for the menstrual cycle to be interrupted once or twice a year, disruptions to the routine should be emphasized and the causes of the irregularity should be investigated by going to a gynecologist and obstetricianWhat precautions should be taken in cases where the menstrual cycle, which is one of the most important indicators of being a healthy woman, is disruptedwhat should be done for menstrual irregularity ?

        First of all, every woman should have a period agenda.

        Lifestyle should be reviewed.

        Care should be taken to maintain weight balance

        Focus on activities that will reduce the stress level.

        Follow-up of diseases that will affect the ovulation pattern should not be interrupted.

        Existence of conditions that may require diagnosis and treatment should not be ignored, and a gynecology and obstetrician should be examined.


Menstrual irregularity after childbirth

Cessation of menstrual bleeding is considered the most obvious sign of pregnancy, unless there is another health problem and menopause is not enteredIt is considered normal for women who do not have a menstrual period during pregnancy to experience menstrual irregularity after childbirth . Although the time varies from person to person, menstruation can start 6 to 8 weeks after the birth on averageFor women who are still breastfeeding, this period may be a little longerEven if the first bleeding occurs, abnormal menstruation may continue for a while after delivery in the following periods . 

Bursa menstrual irregularity treatment

Menstrual irregularities are a condition that should be taken seriously for some diseases that need to be diagnosed and treated. Apart from being important in terms of the underlying causes, a woman’s menstrual irregularity can also cause physical and psychological problemsMenstrual bleeding, which is considered the most valuable indicator of being a healthy woman, should be carefully followed from the puberty period when the first bleeding occurs to the menopause period, when the last bleeding will occurIf the irregularity of the menstrual cycle, which has the luxury of interruption at most 2 times in a calendar year, has started to be continuousBursa is recommended for the treatment of menstrual irregularity. you can make an appointment by contacting Yuliya Doster ClinicObstetrics and Gynecology Specialist, Yuliya Doster MD treated many female patients from Turkey and abroad

Menstrual irregularity after unprotected intercourse

One of the causes of menstrual irregularity is delaysThe upper limit of the normal menstrual cycle is considered to be 35 daysMenstrual delay can be mentioned in cases exceeding 35 daysFor women who have stepped into a sexual life, menstrual delays first bring to mind the possibility of pregnancyUnless there is another health problem or other factors that will affect the menstrual cycle, if menstrual irregularity occurs in the form of delay after unprotected intercourse , this can be explained by pregnancyWhat needs to be done is to be examined by a gynecologist and obstetrician.

Does the morning after pill cause menstrual irregularity?

Drugs containing progesterone hormone, which are used to minimize the risk of pregnancy after unprotected sexual intercourse, are called morning-after pillsWith the morning after pill, if taken within the first 24 hours after intercourse, unplanned pregnancies can be largely preventedThe answer to the question about the use of the drugdoes the morning-after pill cause menstrual irregularity is a matter of curiosityMenstrual irregularity is one of the side effects of the morning after pillAlthough there may be delays in the following period after the use of the drug, it can be regulated in the following periods.

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