Menopause symptoms

Menopause, which means the permanent cessation of menstrual bleeding, is a natural and inevitable process that marks the end of the reproductive age. Menopause symptoms , which may differ in each woman , consist of common complaints of the menopause processWhile the symptoms of the menopause process are experienced intensely in some women, they are not felt at a level that can cause physical or mental distress in some womenEvery woman’s menopause story is unique to her. Therefore, the methods to be applied to relieve menopausal symptoms are also determined individuallyThe most common menopausal symptoms can be listed as follows:

   Disruption of the menstrual cycle and its complete cessation after the precursor irregularities.

    Mood changes due to hormonal fluctuations

    Vaginal dryness and pain during sexual intercourse

    Loss of sexual desire

   Sleep disorder

    Difficulty losing weight and gaining weight

    Deterioration of hair healthHair loss and loss


    Sudden irritability

   An anxious and anxious mood

   Hot flashes, sweats and palpitations


What is menopause?

Menopause is one of the important turning points in women’s livesThe biggest obstacle to accepting menopause as a natural process is; It is interpreted as the end of the reproductive age and the beginning of the old age. This point of view causes menopause to be met with general concern in the world of womenIn order for the menopause process to be accepted psychologically, it must first be normalizedThis can only be achieved by obtaining accurate information from the right sourcesSo, what is menopause , which can be the fearful dream of many women ?

Menopause, which means the end of menstruation with the cessation of egg production in the ovaries of women, consists of 3 stages.

Perimenopause: Perimenopause is the first stage of the menopause processIt is called the premenopausal periodIn this process, women have a chance to become pregnant, as their menstrual bleeding has not yet completely stoppedMenstrual cycles begin to become irregular at this stage.

Menopause: If 1 year has passed since the last menstrual period, the diagnosis of menopause can be madeIt is the period when the ovaries lose their function and fertility ends.

Postmenopause: It covers the period after the definitive menopauseSymptoms that may occur during this period are tried to be eliminated with lifestyle changes and drug supplements that gynecologists and obstetricians deem necessary.


What is the age of menopause?

Studies show that menopause occurs between the ages of 47 and 51. Cessation of menstrual bleeding before the age of 40 is defined as early menopauseThe question of what is the age of menopause in women can be answered with the average results of studiesBecause, apart from the biological clock, other factors that determine the age of menopause also come into playThe factors that are thought to have an effect on the age at menopause can be listed as follows:

        Genetic factors: Genetic inheritance is shown as the most determining factor of menopausal age in womenIn the opinion of experts, the time period when the mother or sisters enter the menopause can be a reference for the onset of menopause.

        Unhealthy living conditions: Poor living conditions such as nutrition, smoking, stress, and inactivity are thought to trigger early menopause.

        Operations undergone: In line with medical requirements, performed for gynecological diseasesDue to surgeries such as removal of the ovaries and removal of the uterus, the menopause process starts automatically.


Bursa menopause disease treatment

Evaluating menopause, which is a natural process in women’s lives, in the category of disease is an extremely wrong and misleading approachWorking as a Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist in Bursa for many years, Yuliya Doster MD is a name who has succeeded in raising awareness on this issue by informing female patients who apply for the treatment of Bursa menopause disease in detail about the menopause processes and raising awareness that menopause is not a disease. Yuliya Doster MD in her own Yuliya Doster Clinic, she performs treatments of menopausal disease and menopausal symptoms

What is menstrual bleeding like before menopause?

In cases where 12 months have passed since the last menstrual period, it can be said that women have definitely entered menopauseIn the process called perimenopausethe answer to the question of how menstrual bleeding happens before menopause is a matter of curiosityPerimenopause, which is the transition phase to menopause, is a process in which women continue to menstruateHowever, some changes may occur in the menstrual cycle during this processThe normal menstrual cycle in women is between 21 and 35 daysIn perimenopause, this process is prolonged or shortenedThe amount of bleeding can also vary in terms of decrease or increase.

What are menopausal pains?

The onset of the menopause process can bring along some physical and mental complaintsAlthough it differs for each woman, some symptoms can be common and common complaints.

What are the menopausal pains in menopause symptoms ?

Common painful complaints experienced physically among menopausal symptoms can be listed as follows:


        Joint and muscle pains

        Pain during sexual intercourse

        Menstrual period pain similar to it, even if it is not menstruation


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