Smear Test

What is a smear test?

The smear test is a gynecological screening test applied for gynecological diseases and women’s healthAmong the people, the smear test is also referred to as the swab test. Before talking about why the smear test is necessary and important, it is necessary to answer the question of what is a smear test. The smear test is the examination of cells collected from the cervix under a microscope with the help of a small brushIt is performed at times and intervals deemed appropriate by gynecologistsIt is used to diagnose cervical cancer, which has become widespread today, or to detect precursor cancer cells.

Smear test results

Smear test and vaginal culture are generally confused with each otherVaginal culture is a method used to detect genital infectionsThe purpose of the smear test is to screen for cancerWhile examining the results of the smear test , it is investigated whether there is any sign of cancerThe swab is taken by the gynecologist and sent to the laboratory, and the results of the smear test are evaluated and reported by the pathologist.

How is the smear test done?

Situations where the smear test has not been done before and will take place for the first time may cause anxiety, with the worry of pain. The most accurate and reliable source where women can get the answer to the question of how a smear test is done is gynecologistsBefore the application, the gynecologist informs the patient in detail about how to perform the procedureBefore the smear test, the speculum instrument used in gynecological examinations is inserted into the vagina so that the vaginal walls and vagina can be examined easilyThe procedure is completed by taking a swab from the cervix with the help of a small brushThe smear test is a short-term, simple and painless procedure that can be applied to every woman who has started her sexual life.

There are some points that the patient should pay attention to before the procedure so that the smear test can be performed and concluded properlyIt should be known that smear test cannot be performed during menstruation, and a time should be waited before or after menstruation for the procedureIn order for the test to be applied to give a healthy result, the patient should listen to the warnings and demands of the doctor before the smear.

Before the smear, sexual life should be interrupted for 2 daysIn addition, the vagina should not be washed for 2 days before the procedure and no product should be used in that areaAfter the smear test, there are no special rules that the patient should pay attention to or followAfter the procedure, staining may occur for a few days.

Bursa smear test

Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancer types in our countryCervical cancer, which is one of the diseases for which early diagnosis is vital, can be detected by smear test screenings. As with all laboratory tests, there may be a margin

of error in smear testsIn order for the smear test results to be evaluated and reported in a healthy way, it must be applied correctly and the cells must be collected from the right placesFor this reason, the person to be applied for the smear test is an obstetricianFor the Bursa smear test , you can contact Yuliya Doster Clinic and ask anything you wonder about the examination, price and test details.

Smear test fee

It may be misleading to give a certain tariff range for the smear test fee applied by gynecologists and sent to the laboratory . Prices may vary according to the private health institutions where the test is performedFor this reason, the most reliable information about the smear test fee can be obtained from the clinic or hospital where you are examined.

In how many days will the result of the smear test come out?

In general, waiting for test results is a stressful and anxious processThe duration of the results of the analysis may differ depending on the laboratory conditions and the desired analysisIf the smear test is done in a state hospital, it can take about 1 month to resultFor the test sent to private laboratories, the answer to the question of how many days the smear test will take may vary according to the density conditions of the laboratory.

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