Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

What Does Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Mean?

For couples, it can be a big disappointment when child planning results in pregnancy loss. In particular, miscarriages that occur after long treatment processes can turn into hopelessness and loss of motivation. It is thought that the majority of early-stage miscarriages are caused by a chromosome deficiency in the baby. Miscarriage is also considered as the removal of the unhealthy from the body in order to lay the groundwork for a healthy pregnancy. First abortions generally do not require a deep investigation and treatment. In cases of multiple miscarriages during pregnancy, it may be necessary to carry out some tests before planning a new pregnancy and to eliminate risk factors by treating diseases, if any. Multiple miscarriages are called recurrent pregnancy loss. To express in more detail for those who are wondering what Recurrent Pregnancy Loss means ; Having more than one miscarriage in a row is defined as recurrent pregnancy loss.

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Consequences

Consequences of recurrent pregnancy loss shows that at least 500,000 women are affected by this problem each year. Physicians are of the opinion that 50% of spontaneous and consecutive miscarriages related to the consequences of recurrent pregnancy loss occur for unexplained reasons. Experts say that this situation, which affects 5% of couples who want to have children, does not prevent the formation of a healthy pregnancy; They say that 70% of healthy pregnancies can be obtained after recurrent miscarriages.

Causes of Recurrent Miscarriage

If the number of miscarriages is more than one, it should be investigated and the reasons thought to cause pregnancy loss should be determined and eliminated. Detailed examinations, which are not generally required for first pregnancy losses, are introduced when investigating the Causes of Recurrent Miscarriage. The conditions that may be a risk for miscarriage and recurrent miscarriage can be listed as follows:

  •   Chromosome deficiency in baby
  •   Genetic disorders in parents
  •   Uncontrolled maternal diabetes
  •   Presence of thyroid disease in the mother
  •   Non-congenital, acquired coagulation disorder in the mother
  •   Having a curtain in the uterus, fibroids

Structural deformities in the uterus

Causes of Recurrent Miscarriage, it can be determined that pregnancy loss develops due to these reasons, or there may be situations that cannot be explained.

Pregnancy Specialist Physician Bursa

Pregnancy follow-up is a critical and important process that requires keeping maternal and infant health under control from the beginning to the end of pregnancy. Pregnancy follow-up of recurrent pregnancy loss cases evaluated in risky or high-risk pregnancy groups requires perinatology expertise. This process, which is already anxious, should be carried out with experienced specialist doctors, both during the investigation of the causes of abortion and the follow-up of the healthy pregnancy obtained. Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Yulia Doster MD , a pregnancy specialist in the treatment of recurrent pregnancy loss, and follow-up of risky and high-risk pregnancies, is a trusted and well-known name in the province of Bursa. She is the founder of Yulia Doster Clinic and the specialist doctor, who takes care of all his patients in her clinic, has become one of the most preferred obstetricians in Bursa with her experience in risky pregnancy follow-ups.

What Causes Recurrent Pregnancy?

Lets answer the question of what causes recurrent pregnancy can be explained by recurrent null and chemical pregnancies. Pregnancies occur in the form of chemical pregnancies and null pregnancies, resulting in pregnancy loss. Miscarriages occurring in the first weeks of pregnancy are defined as chemical pregnancy. Although the gestational sac is not visible on the ultrasound, the tests performed give positive results. Experts on chemical pregnancies; They approach it in the way that the body protects itself and prevents the formation of unhealthy embryos. It is possible to get pregnant again after an early-stage miscarriage. In empty pregnancies, a gestational sac can be observed on ultrasound. Empty pregnancy refers to situations where the gestational sac is formed but there is no embryo in the placenta. This situation, which can occur during pregnancy, is thought to be caused by chromosomal disorders. An empty pregnancy that can be diagnosed on ultrasound should be terminated by intervention. In the case of an empty pregnancy in which all pregnancy symptoms are observed, pregnancy loss occurs with pain and bleeding, even if abortion is not intervened.

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In the follow-up of recurrent miscarriage causes, normal, risky, and high-risk pregnancies, you can make an appointment by contacting Yuliya Doster Clinic. In order to contact Yuliya Doster for pregnancy doctor Bursa contact calls, it is possible to reach the phone numbers of the clinic, as well as from the social media accounts and the web page.

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