Vaginal bleaching

Vaginal bleaching

Vaginal area bleaching

It may not be easy for some women to express physiological problems or visual discontents about the genital area. For this reason, the problems occurring in the external genitalia are among the most neglected or neglected issues, even though they are common and commonly experienced by many women. The problem of darkening of color in the genital area is one of the genital area problems , which is quite common among women, but is afraid to be mentioned . This problem, which causes a lack of self-confidence in women and reduces the quality of sexual life, can be easily and effortlessly eliminated with the treatment options of vaginal bleaching. It should not be forgotten that most of the aesthetic concerns occur as a result of physiological diseases. Visual disorders that cause aesthetic anxiety may be caused by diseases that should be considered, controlled and treated. In Yulia Doster Clinic We perform 2 different processes in genital area bleaching processes. The first is laser genital whitening, and the second is genital area whitening peeling processes. However, before turning to vaginal bleaching treatment, it is necessary to investigate the reasons for the development of the problem.

Why vaginal area darkening?

  •    Estrogen hormone excess
  •    Parathyroid glands
  •    Parathyroid glands
  •    Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  •    Some hormonal drugs used
  •    Hormonal changes
  •    Wrong hair removal practices
  •    Aging
  •    Genetic predisposition

Vaginal bleaching Natural Methods

Vaginal area , which can develop due to various diseases or genetic predisposition , does not cause any physical distress or complaint. Vaginal bleaching is an treatment that is preferred mainly for aesthetic concerns. Darkening in the genital area can cause a loss of self-confidence to an extent that affects sexual life.

Extreme care should be taken in researches and methods applied for genital area bleaching. It is possible to come across many herbal recipes shared under the title of natural methods of Vaginal bleaching in various media on the Internet . Every

recipe applied unconsciously; It should be known that it can cause serious allergic reactions, irritations and permanent scars. All unscientific recommendations should be treated with suspicion; The solution of the problem should be left to the doctors, not to the neighboring aunts or healers. In today’s technology, it is possible to get rid of this visual complaint easily and practically with the help of a gynecologist and obstetrician .

Vaginal bleaching with Laser

Laser genital bleaching has been frequently preferred in recent years among non-surgical procedures that are also applied within the scope of genital area beautification. Genital area color lightening with laser is a process that takes about 20 minutes. Before the application, the procedure area is anesthetized with a cream with local anesthetic effect so that the patient can get through the process comfortably without feeling any pain. The aim of laser application is to reach the lower layers of the skin and to destroy the melanocyte cells. At the same time, tightening and fullness of the skin is provided. After the laser application, which provides genital rejuvenation, people can continue their daily lives from where they left off. Mild redness and pain that may occur due to the procedure can be controlled with simple creams or painkillers. Laser treatment, which usually consists of a single session, can be repeated for a few more sessions for resistant darkening.

Bursa Vaginal bleaching Contact

Trained in Cosmetic and Aesthetic Gynecology, Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Yulia Doster MD treats all problems, diseases and dysfunctions related to female genital health. Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Yulia Doster MD, in the treatment of Vaginal bleaching, genital area prefers peeling and new model fractional laser application and uses Femilift brand carbon dioxide fractional laser, which has proven itself in this field. Femilift laser, which is also preferred and used by the founder of the European genital aesthetic society, has a wavelength that can affect the lowest layer of the skin. Yulia Doster MD used the new model fractional laser device Femilift of the Israeli company Alma. It is also used in the treatment of problems that cause loss of function in the genital area , as well as genital bleaching. The main areas of use of Femilift , which is accepted as a genital rejuvenation miracle in Yuliya Doster Clinic , can be listed as follows:

  •    In uterine and bladder sagging problems
  •    In genital area discoloration
  •    In genital area deformities
  •    In deformations that occur after normal birth
  •    Vulva tightening
  •    Pubic tightening
  •     Problems with painful sexual intercourse or not being able to enjoy sexual intercourse

Bursa Vaginoplasty Operation

Genital area operations may be needed for different reasons.

  •    Dysfunctions and loss
  •    Sexual dysfunctions
  •    Color and deformities

of these and similar physiological problems with genital area operations, not only physical but also psychological discontentment disappears. Complaints concerning female reproductive health should be evaluated by a gynecologist and obstetrician. In addition to her expertise in gynecology, Yulia Doster MD has managed to become a well-known and trusted name with his cosmetic and aesthetic gynecology training. In the searches made about the Bursa vaginoplasty operation , It is possible to access Yuliya Doster Clinic.

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