Anti-aging and Gynecology

Anti-aging and Gynecology


What is genital beautification?

All deformations related to the female genital area, which exist structurally or may develop over time due to various reasons, should be considered as a health problem and should be emphasized. Reasons such as aging, hormonal disorders, childbirth, uncontrolled births, and genetic can lead to deformities and dysfunctions in the genital area. Beautification of the female genital area is the whole of the procedures applied to eliminate these deformations that can cause some gynecological diseases.

For what purposes is genital area beautification done?

    To give a more aesthetic appearance to the female genital area

    Relieve arousal and orgasmic disorders with the woman’s partner

     To prevent urinary system diseases

     Preventing fungal infections

     To prevent vaginitis

What advantages does genital area beautification provide?

    Supports gynecological health

    It enables women to be more at peace with their bodies.

    Increases sexual pleasure

    It puts women’s relationships with their partners on the basis of a healthy and quality sexual life.

    Increases the sense of self-confidence by providing aesthetic benefits


What is anti-aging?

Anti-aging, covers all treatments, methods and approaches that aim to reverse time. While the expression or idea of ​​aging may not arouse much sympathy, it is a natural process of the flow of life. Rejuvenation practices, aging is a natural flow of life; succeeded in making aging a compensable concept. All applied anti-aging methods can be applied with 3 approaches: stopping time, slowing down time or reversing time. In this context, anti-aging can be defined as the whole of the procedures applied to take precautions for possible risks, to protect the current situation or to reduce the effects of aging that have already occurred. Although the expression of anti-aging is associated with cosmetic or aesthetic treatments, it should not be forgotten that it is a comprehensive concept that includes human health. Factors such as diet, sports activities, a life away from harmful habits, and stress control are also part of the anti-aging philosophy. The concept of anti-aging in gynecology is a treatment that we consider under the title of genital beautification.


Gynecology and pregnancy

Gynecology is a branch of medicine that deals with gynecology, pregnancy and subsequent processes.

What Does Gynecology Deal With?

    Treatment of diseases such as sexual dysfunctions, reproductive system problems, infertility, hormone imbalances;

    General women’s health follow-up

   Pregnancy processes

   Women’s health after pregnancy

Every healthy woman of childbearing age is a mother-to-be. In this context, gynecology and pregnancy should be evaluated together. The gynecologist ensures that a healthy pregnancy process is carried out by preparing women physically for motherhood. All processes that carry women to the most miraculous moment in their lives must be managed in a healthy way within the scope of gynecology and pregnancy .


Bursa Gynecology appointment

For the patient; confidence and privacy are extremely important in all gynecological processes from the consultation stage to the treatment stage. Yuliya Doster MD is one of the most recommended and safely preferred gynecologists in Bursa Gynecology appointment research.  Yuliya Doster Clinic has been providing professional service for many years, without compromising professional ethics, in gynecological diseases, sexual problems, pregnancy, genital antiaging treatments and all other gynecological issues related to women’s health.


What are gynecological diseases?

Every problem that affects the reproductive system and sexual life is evaluated in the category of gynecology diseases .

Gynecological diseases can be listed as follows:

    Ovarian cysts

   Ovulation disorders


    Fungal infections

    Genital warts

    Sexually transmitted diseases

    Uterine, ovarian, vulvar cancer types

    Hormonal disorders that affect the reproductive system

    Sexual dysfunctions


The difference between gynecology and obstetrics

The difference between gynecology and obstetrics is one of the most curious subjects. 


There is no difference between obstetrics and gynecology and gynecology. Processes such as gynecology, pregnancy follow-up and delivery are followed in the field of gynecology. However, genital beautification and female genital aesthetic treatments are done by people who are specialized in this field, have received special training and moreover, have worked in this field for many years, and it is a situation that affects the results obtained.  Yuliya Doster MD is an expert who has received training on female genital aesthetics and has been meticulously inclined to this issue for years.



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