What is labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is one of the common procedures applied within the scope of genital beautification. Sensitive tissues around the vaginal entrance in the external genitalia; They are called labium minor and labia minora. The labia minora that continue over the clinophore provide moisture, which is important for genital organ health and sexual intercourse. Over time, sagging may occur on the labium minor due to various reasons. Sagging problems, which are very common in labium minor, can be easily eliminated by labiaplasty surgery. Labiaplasty operation is a surgery that should be performed by doctors who have been trained in the subject and who have knowledge of the anatomy of the region. Otherwise, the patient may experience problems.

For What Reasons Can Sagging problem ocur in labium minor ?

    Genetic factors

    Too many vaginal deliveries

    High birth weight of the baby


    Active sex life

    Hormonal changes

  Masturbation-based sexuality

What are the conditions that require the lapioplasty procedure on labium minor?

    The drooping of the labium minor overflowing from the labium major

    Asymmetry in the labium minor

    Presence of physiological complaints such as irritation, infection, bad odors

    Painful feeling when wearing tight pants  

    Unpleasant look in swimwear, bikini-style sea clothes

    Avoidance of intercourse due to pain during sexual intercourse

    Loss of self-confidence due to aesthetic concerns


How is labiaplasty surgery done?

With general health screenings, the patient’s suitability for labiaplasty surgery is determined. Labiaplasty surgery that can be performed under general anesthesia, local anesthesia or sedation ; Depending on whether it is applied in combination with other procedures, it may take an average of 45 minutes. The operation flow is as follows:

    Administration of appropriate anesthesia

    Detection and measurement of points to be intervened

    Shortening the labium minor

    Disposal of aesthetic sutures.

Local anesthesia is generally preferred in labiaplasty surgeries, the patient can be discharged on the same day after resting for a few hours after the surgical procedure. During the surgery, self-melting aesthetic sutures are placed in the incision area within 1 month. Since the vagina and tissues around the vagina are in a

structure that can recover quickly, the risk of scarring after the procedure is minimal. Labiaplasty, which is an effective option in eliminating labium minor sagging problems that may develop due to pregnancy and childbirth, can be applied by specialist doctors who follow the gynecology and pregnancy process.

gynecology and pregnancy

Gynecologists, who prepare the female body for a healthy pregnancy, play a role in eliminating all kinds of deformations that may occur in the external genital area after childbirth, as well as managing the processes related to gynecology and pregnancy . However, a special training on this subject should have been taken separately. In order to eliminate deformities that can cause health problems after giving birth, women should check how much their specialist doctors who follow the gynecology and pregnancy process have knowledge of the subject and whether they have received any special training. These problems, which we can collect under the title of cosmetic gynecology, must be done by a surgeon who is an expert in the subject.

Bursa labiaplasty surgery appointment

Yuliya Doster MD is one of the names that have undersigned successful treatments and practices related to all gynecological processes and especially cosmetic gynecology in Bursa for many years. The functionality of the external genital organs is the most important requirement for a healthy and quality sexual life. The shaping treatments performed with labiaplasty surgery, besides making the external genital area suitable for sexuality, also aims to prevent or eliminate physiological complaints. Achieving desired results with labiaplasty; It depends on the professionalism of the specialist doctor, his professional experience and clinical choice. Having special training about labiaplasty to make an appointment for Bursa labiaplasty surgery , You can contact Yuliya Doster Clinic

Labiaplasty surgery prices 2022

The cost of genital beautification treatment is as important as the results for the patient. While researching labiaplasty surgery prices for the year 2022, the figures are; It should be noted that it may vary according to the choice of clinic, choice of doctor, the needs of the patient and the procedure to be performed. We recommend that you decide by considering how much more positive the results you will get will affect your quality of life.

Before and after labiaplasty

As in all surgical operations, there are some issues that the patient should pay attention to before and after labiaplasty .

The issues that the patient should pay attention to before Labioplaty surgery can be listed as follows:

    The specialist doctor should be fully informed about chronic diseases and regularly used drugs.

    The use of blood thinners should be stopped 10 days before

    Smoking should be stopped before surgery

    The surgery should not coincide with the menstrual period

The issues that the patient should know and pay attention to after labiaplasty surgery can be listed as follows:

    After resting for a few days, the patient can return to his normal life and return to work.

    Forceful movements should be avoided for 2-3 weeks.

    Antibiotics and drugs prescribed by the specialist should be used regularly, and the procedure area should be relieved with ice compresses and creams if necessary.

    The genital area should be cleaned from front to back, washed with warm water and kept dry.

    Dressing should be done as described

    Heavy sports activities should be avoided for 1 to 2 months.

   It is necessary to stay away from the sea and the pool for about 1.5 months.

    Sexual abstinence should be applied for 1.5 months

As long as all the warnings of the specialist doctor are taken into account, the healing process can be completed comfortably.

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