What is vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty, known as vagina tightening surgeryis a procedure to eliminate functional losses and structural disorders caused by loosening and sagging problems due to various reasonsIt is possible to get rid of all vaginal loosening and sagging problems, which can cause physiological complaints and aesthetic anxiety, effortlessly with vaginoplasty surgery.

What are the factors that can cause loosening and sagging of the vagina?



   multiple births

    Difficult vaginal delivery due to baby’s weight

    Weight gain and loss disorders

    Hormone disorders


   an active sex life

What are the problems that can be caused by loosening and sagging problems in the vagina?

        Since the vagina cannot grasp the penis adequately, sexual intercourse may result in dissatisfaction for both parties.

        Urinary incontinence complaints are common in sagging problems extending from the anterior vaginal wall to the bladder.

        Loosening and sagging from the vagina to the anus can cause farting and incontinence problems.

        Problems such as sound coming from the vagina during sexual intercourse may occur.


Vaginoplasty surgery

Vaginoplasty surgerywhich is frequently performed within the scope of genital beautification procedures, is planned according to the degree of sagging, in line with the needs and individually. As a result of general health screenings and detailed physical consultation, patients whose health conditions are suitable for vaginoplasty surgery are comprehensively informed about the preand post-operative processesVaginoplasty surgery is performed by removing tissue from the anterior or posterior wall of the vagina, combining the torn areas, if any, and suturing, depending on the shape of the saggingDuring the operation, dissolvable aesthetic sutures are usedThe operation, which can be performed under general or local anesthesia, can take an average of 1 hour.

Vaginoplasty Prices

Affordability of vaginoplasty surgeries, which are frequently applied within the scope of genital area beautification, is also an important evaluation criterion for the patient at the decision stageThere are some factors that can be decisive for the prices of surgical applicationsVaginoplasty prices among genital area beautification

procedures ; It may vary depending on the technique used in the surgery, the professionalism and professional experience of the specialist doctor who will perform the surgery, and the technological equipment of the clinic where the surgery will take placeThereforeto get information about vaginoplasty prices, having an consultation will be the best option.


Bursa vaginoplasty appointment

Vaginoplasty operations require accurate and meticulous procedure planningVaginal loosening and sagging are problems that can be easily resolved with the right specialist doctor and clinic selection, regardless of the causesBursa vaginoplasty for an appointment, By contacting Yuliya Doster Clinic, you can comfortably get through the preand post-surgical processes and pave the way for a healthy sexual life. Standing out with his many years of professional experience in the field of gynecology and numerous trainings, Yuliya Doster MD, with her professional approaches and interventions related to all stages of the vaginoplasty procedure, from the beginning to the end of the vaginoplasty procedure, after the Bursa vaginoplasty appointment procedures, ensures that her patients leave the clinic in a healthy and peaceful manner


After vaginoplasty surgery

After the vaginoplasty surgerywhich can also be applied within the scope of beautifying the genital areapregnancy can create a question mark in the mindsVaginal tightening surgeries do not harm reproductive functionsIn order to minimize the risk of re-enlargement of the vagina, it is recommended to perform the delivery by cesarean sectionIn addition to pregnancy, the permanence of the procedure after vaginoplasty is also a matter of curiosityThe vagina can expand again after vaginoplasty surgery , depending on normal deliveryVaginoplasty is an operation that can be repeated as long as the general health conditions of the person allow.


Vaginoplasty recovery process

Vaginoplasty surgeries may require 1 night hospital stay The situations that the patient should know, do and avoid regarding the vaginoplasty recovery process can be listed as follows:

    After resting for a few days, she can return to her daily life and start work.

    Attention should be paid to daily activities for at least 15 days, physically challenging and tiring movements should be avoided.

    Antibiotics and drugs prescribed by the specialist doctor should be used regularly

    There is nothing to prevent the patient from taking a bathStanding shower available

    It may take 6-8 weeks for the stitches to heal.

    Hygiene is the most important issue in the recovery process of vaginoplasty The treatment area should be kept clean and dry.

    Dressing should be done as described

    Sexual intercourse should be interrupted for 6 to 8 weeks

        Vaginal spotting is considered normal. Fragrant and green-colored discharge indicates infection, it must be followed.

        Until the stitches heal completely, swimming in the pool and the sea should not be done, and compelling sports activities should be avoided.

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