Cervical Diseases

Cervical Diseases

What are Cervical Diseases?

The cervix is located in the lower part of the pregnancy organ, the cervical , where the embryo develops and grows. Births occur by the contraction of the muscles in the cervical and the opening of the cervix. It is responsible for protecting the cervical , tubes and ovaries against infections. What is Cervical Diseases? Cervical cancer comes to mind first. Cervical cancer can develop when cells in the cervix turn into abnormal cells. As long as the precursor cells called CIN are detected and treated early, precautions can be taken before they turn into cancer cells. One of the most common causes of cervical cancer is the HPV virus. HPV, which can be transmitted sexually, is shown to be responsible for the abnormality in cells.

Cervical Diseases Symptoms

Cervical cancer is a serious disease that needs to be diagnosed and treated at an early stage. It is one of the most common types of cancer not only in our country but also in the world. Cervical cancer, which is one of the diseases in which early diagnosis saves lives, has a critical place among cervical diseases. Symptoms of Cervical Diseases should be carefully observed, and if one or more of them are encountered, an obstetrician and gynecologist should be consulted.

What are the symptoms of Cervical Diseases ?

        Menstrual irregularities

        Intermediate hemorrhages

        Painful intercourse

        Bleeding after sexual intercourse

        Weakness and fatigue

        Anorexia and weight loss

        Swelling in the leg

        Pain in areas close to the genitals

        Feeling of fullness in the vagina

        Smelly vaginal discharge

Symptoms such as fatigue, vaginal discharge, loss of appetite can also develop for other reasons. In addition, every woman may experience menstrual irregularities from time to time, even if they do not have an ovulation disorder. It is not necessary to experience all the symptoms of cervical diseases at the same time. Among these symptoms, the most emphasized complaints are; breakthrough bleeding and bleeding after sexual intercourse. During gynecological examinations, all symptoms are evaluated separately. cervical cancer; It is a disease that can be diagnosed by evaluating symptoms, examinations, blood tests and smear test results together.

What are cervical diseases?

Although cervical cancer is seen as the most common disease after breast cancer in our country, benign disorders can also occur in the cervix. It should not be forgotten that diseases that may occur in the cervix, which acts as a protective shield against infections, must be followed up, considering that they have the potential to turn into cancer.

What are cervical diseases other than cancer ?

    Cervical polyps

    Abnormalities in the tissues of the cervix, called cervical dysplasia (Cervical dysplasia is not cancer but has the potential to develop into cancer)

    Inflammation of the lining of the cervix, called cervicitis


Bursa cervical diseases treatment

Cervical diseases can be detected with regular examinations and tests. For this reason, every woman should have a gynecological examination at least twice a year, even if she does not have any complaints. During regular gynecological examinations, if the obstetrician and gynecologist deems it necessary, the smear test, also known as the swab test, is also applied. The smear test is the most definitive cancer screening test used in the diagnosis of cervical cancer. As long as there is awareness about regular gynecological examinations and awareness of the symptoms is increased, cervical cancer can be detected and prevented at an early stage. Bursa for the treatment of cervical diseases you can make an appointment with Yuliya Doster Clinic and have your controls done safely. As a Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist in Bursa for many years, Yuliya Doster MD has managed to become a trusted and sought-after name with her training and professional experience in her field.

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