Multiple pregnancy

Multiple pregnancy

What is Multiple Pregnancy?

Multiple pregnancies describe situations where the number of babies is two or more. What is multiple pregnancy , especially as a result of infertility treatments, and why is it not considered a success in IVF treatments? Multiple pregnancy can occur when more than one egg is fertilized and developed at the same time, or it can occur when a single egg cell divides into two or more cells after fertilization. Factors thought to play a role in the formation of multiple pregnancies can be listed as follows:

family history,

  •    Age of the expectant mother
  •    Race
  •    Climate
  •    Blood group
  •    Long-term use of birth control pills
  •    Treatments that promote reproduction
  •    Medicines that increase ovulation

Multiple pregnancies are a common occurrence in IVF treatments. Multiple pregnancies, which have the potential to pose a risk in terms of the pregnancy process, are considered by doctors in the pregnancy class with a high risk of complications, although it is personally desired in some cases.

Multiple Pregnancy Symptoms

In multiple pregnancies, pregnancy symptoms can be felt more intensely compared to pregnancies in which a single embryo develops in the mother’s womb. Multiple pregnancy symptoms can be listed as follows:

  •     Symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, fatigue, weakness may be felt more in multiple pregnancies.
  •     It has been observed that expectant mothers gain more weight than single pregnancies.
  •     Abdominal area appears larger
  •     Uterine size becomes larger

In the following months, the need to urinate becomes more frequent as the pressure on the bladder intensifies.

When Is Multiple Pregnancy Obvious?

For the diagnosis of multiple pregnancy, ultrasound imaging technique is used. Even if the blood values are high as a result of the tests, it is not considered sufficient alone for the detection of multiple pregnancies. For this situation, which can be understood by viewing the gestational sac and placenta, the answer to the question of when multiple pregnancy will be evident is a matter of curiosity. Symptoms and blood test results can be misleading. Multiple pregnancies can be detected by ultrasound at 5 or 6 weeks of gestation.

What to Do for Multiple Pregnancy?

The occurrence of multiple pregnancy is evaluated in the high-risk pregnancy class in terms of maternal and infant health. In the past years, we have frequently witnessed that centers that perform IVF treatment, by transferring a large number of embryos to increase the chance of pregnancy, they go to the way of elimination in the mother’s womb. With the legal regulations made today, limitations on the number of embryos placed have been introduced. Excess embryo transfer, which is not legally and ethically inappropriate, cannot be done unless necessary. Therefore, when investigating the issue of what to do for multiple pregnancy , it should be known that this may not be achieved with personal preferences and demands. Factors that increase the chance of multiple pregnancy can be listed as follows:

  •    The use of drugs that stimulate and increase ovulation
  •    Ovulation-enhancing drugs used in IVF treatments
  •    Presence of multiple pregnancies in the mother’s genetic history
  •    Mother’s age

Multiple Pregnancy Treatment Bursa

Multiple pregnancies carry a higher risk than normal pregnancies. Therefore, it requires special care, a meticulous and close follow-up process. Multiple pregnancies should be subject to strict follow-up by the doctor against the risk of premature birth and miscarriage. Doctor check-ups should not be interrupted, regular blood and urine tests should be done. Iron deficiency may occur commonly in multiple pregnancies, and iron supplementation can be applied if necessary. Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Yulia Doster MD is one of the first doctors to come to mind for multiple pregnancy treatment Bursa . Her expertise in perinatology, Yuliya Doster MD manages the follow-up of risky and high-risk pregnancies with her Yuliya Doster Clinic.

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