What is perineoplasty?

The area between the labio majora and the anus is called the perineumThe perineum, where the muscles that control the excretory functions are located, is also an important supporter of the pelvic musclesDuring normal deliveries, controlled incisions are made in the perineum to prevent compression of the baby, to make the birth comfortable, and to prevent large tears caused by strainThis planned incision made in the region extending from the posterior wall of the vagina to the anus is called an episiotomyAfter episiotomy performed during delivery, scarring may develop due to poor wound healing and may cause visually unpleasant scarsPerineoplasty, postpartumIt is a surgical procedure applied to remove suture marks, birth tears and scars in the perineumPerineoplasty can also be applied together with vaginoplasty when necessary or upon request.


Hymen surgery

Just like perineoplasty, permanent hymen surgery is one of the recommended procedures to be performed together with vaginoplastyHymen surgeryalso called hymenoplasty, can be applied in two ways, temporary and permanent. A date close to sexual intercourse should be determined for temporary hymen surgeryThere is no time limit for the permanent hymen repair surgery performed with the flap methodWhenever you have intercourse after the surgery, bleeding will occur at that time.

Those who have perineoplasty surgery

One of the issues that creates confusion for those who have Perineoplasty surgery to remove the stitches thrown during vaginal delivery is whether the stitches thrown in the surgery will create a new scarIn perineoplasty operations, the tissue that is discarded during childbirth and then scarred is removed, and aesthetic revision of the perineum is providedAesthetic sutures are used in perineoplasty surgery, which is performed by intervening in the skin layersAll deformations in the perineum during childbirth, including suture marks, can be removed by perineoplasty.

Bursa Perineoplasty surgery appointment

Yuliya Doster MD has been successfully carrying out the treatment and surgical processes of her domestic and foreign patients for many years, regarding the elimination of all deformations that cause loss of function in the postpartum genital areaTo make an appointment for Bursa Perineoplasty, Yuliya Doster Clinic can be contactedAfter the Bursa perineoplasty surgery appointment process is completed, the patient is informed in detail about all preand post-operative processes.

After perineoplasty surgery

Perineoplasty surgeries are generally performed together with vaginoplasty surgeriesIn cases where both procedures are performed together, the details to be considered after vaginoplasty should also be considered during the healing

processThe standard rules regarding the healing process of all surgical procedures also apply to post-perineoplasty surgery . In order to minimize the risk of complications, the patient should use antibiotics and other drugs prescribed by the specialist doctor without interruption after the perineoplasty operation , and take all kinds of precautions regarding the hygiene of the procedure area.

    The patient can be discharged on the same day.

    Mild pain and swelling in the procedure area may occurIt is expected to pass in a few days.

    Ice compress application is intended to alleviate edema complaintsIt is recommended to apply for a few days as prescribed by the doctor.

    Attention should be paid to the hygiene of the treatment area, and the given antiseptic solutions should be used regularly for at least 2 weeks.

    Aesthetic stitches that melt during the procedure are thrown away, there is no need for stitches to be removed.

   Sexual life should be interrupted for 1.5 to 2 months.


How is perinoplasty done?

Perinoplasty , which can be performed under general or local anesthesia, is an operation that takes approximately 1 hourPerinoplasty operations performed to eliminate deformations in the perineum consist of aesthetic removal of the skin layers between the vaginal entrance and the anus, strengthening of the underlying muscles and suturing them aesthetically.

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