High-risk Pregnancy

High-risk Pregnancy

What is a High-risk Pregnancy?

Developing outside the normal and natural course of the pregnancy process; The concept of High-risk pregnancy can be mentioned for situations where unexpected problems occur regarding maternal and infant health. Therefore , the question of what is a High-risk pregnancy should be answered separately for the mother and the baby.

  •     What are the High-risk Pregnancy Factors for the Mother?
  •     Maternal Age: Pregnancy at a very early age or at an advanced age
  •     Maternal Weight: Starting pregnancy at an extremely low or high weight
  •     Mother’s Chronic Diseases: Presence of diseases such as heart, diabetes, hypertension, thyroid dysfunctions
  •     Gestational Diabetes: Diabetes that occurs with pregnancy
  •     What are the Risk Factors for the Baby and Spouse?
  •     Fetus smaller or larger than normal
  •     Incorrect positioning of the baby partner, namely the placenta
  •     Too little or too much fluid in the gestational sac
  •     Detection of anomalies in the fetus
  •     High-risk Pregnancy Doctor Bursa

Pregnancy process; It covers the time period from the decision stage to the moment of birth. A woman who is planning a child must first prepare her body for pregnancy. A detailed health screening should be done before pregnancy, and health problems that may pose a risk for the pregnancy process should be treated. It should not be forgotten that every pregnancy carries risks due to its nature; this process should be followed meticulously by a gynecologist and obstetrician. Although the presence of some chronic diseases does not prevent pregnancy, it can pose a risk to both mother and baby health during pregnancy. High-risk pregnancy follow-up is a critical process that should be carried out with a multidisciplinary approach. For this reason, for the High-risk pregnancy doctor Bursa , you can take appointment by contacting Yuliya Doster Clinic. Specializing in high-risk pregnancies, Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Yuliya Doster MD takes care of her patients one-on-one at all stages of pregnancy.

High Risk Pregnancy

In high-risk pregnancy cases, the opinion and support of physicians from different branches, especially obstetricians, may be needed. Factors such as the mother’s systematic diseases, age, and weight are important for both maternal and infant health during pregnancy. In addition, the fact that previous pregnancies result in miscarriage is also considered as a risk factor for future pregnancy. High-risk pregnancy , which is evaluated separately in terms of mother and baby, requires a sensitive and meticulous follow-up process and a multidisciplinary approach.

High-risk Pregnancy Specialist

Every expectant mother needs the guidance of an obstetrician whom she can trust enough to entrust her and her baby’s health during the pregnancy process until birth. Especially in cases where risk factors are more than one, a risk pregnancy specialist is important. High-risk and high-risk pregnancy follow-up and treatment is in the field of perinatology. Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Yuliya Doster MD is a proven name who is also an expert in the field of perinatology. It should be noted that the follow-up of High-risk and high-risk pregnancies requires expertise not only in the field of obstetrics, but also in the branch of perinatology.

High-risk Pregnancy Form

High-risk pregnancy form procedure is applied in order to determine the risk factors and to determine the risk level during pregnancy. The aim is to detect high-risk pregnancies. The High-risk pregnancy form consists of the following information:

  •     Identity and contact information of the expectant mother
  •     Information about previous pregnancies
  •     Information on current pregnancy status
  •     General health history
  •     Risk findings obtained as a result of the examination

High-risk Pregnancy Surgery Bursa

In cases where there are High-risk pregnancies and the health problems of the baby are detected, it is possible in some cases to treat the baby in the womb. Interventions for the baby in the womb can be listed as follows:

  •     Irregularity in heartbeat
  •     Fluid buildup in baby’s lungs
  •     Anemia treatment
  •     Urinary tract obstruction

Accurate classification of High-risk pregnancies, follow-up of high-risk pregnancies by a gynecologist specialized in perinatology, and interventions to the baby should be done in health institutions equipped with technological equipment. In order to follow this critical process correctly and to carry out appropriate treatments, in High-risk pregnancy surgery bursa searches, You can reach Yuliya Doster Clinic contact information and make an appointment.

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