What Is Curettage (Abortion)? Is Abortion Legally Forbidden?

What Is Curettage (Abortion)? Is Abortion Legally Forbidden?

The surgical instrument used for medical scraping of cells and tissue fragments is called a curette. Curettage is an action that describes the scraping process performed with this tool. This is where the origin of the term “Curettage” comes from. We observe that the question of what is abortion is generally answered as terminating pregnancies with medical intervention. However, this is an inadequate definition, since curettage is a medical procedure used both in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and in the termination of pregnancies. To diagnose some gynecological diseases, biopsies should be performed. This is also a procedure that is performed using curettage methods. In this article, I want to approach abortion as a method of termination of pregnancies and to clarify frequently asked issues on the topic.

Whan Is Abortion Performed?

In a mother’s womb, children are the most precious relics of the nature. The most critical duty for sustainability of life is given to the mothers. The formation of pregnancy, its development in the mother’s womb and a baby’s adaption to the outside world is miraculous. However, sometimes things may not fo as expected. Completion of these processes may not be possible due to medical conditions or unfavorable circumstances of the individual. Before we answer when is abortion performed, let’s look at in which circumstances an abortion can be performed:

  • Suprise Pregnancy

The news of pregnancy received in unplanned situations can cause surprise, indecision, happiness – but sometimes it causes anxiety. While suprises are usually percepted in a positive light, at times they can cause discontent. In conclusion, we may not be open to suprises in all aspects of life. The current system in the modern world requires correct planning in every aspect of life. Family planning is a part of that. In today’s conditions, we may be especially closed to the suprise conditions in having children. However miraculous a pregnancy is, it is also extremely important that the child can be brought up in healthy and favorable conditions. When we come across unwanted pregnancies, we find ourselves doing research on when is the right to have an abortion.

  • Sometimes, It Needs To Be Done

There is a difference between learning the pregnancy and feeling the pregnancy. The difference is determined by the heart beat of the baby. The heart beat of the baby can be observed starting from the 6th week of pregnancy. Sometimes, even though the pregnancy proceeds, the heart beat may not be visible. Sometimes, despite the formation of a gestational sac in the uterus, there may be a case of “empty pregnancy” in which there is no baby in the gestational sac. There may be instants of medical problems that risk the health of the morther or the baby. All these conditions are the medical necessities for an abortion and problematic pregnancies should be evacuated by this method if the gestational week is appropriate. In these conditions, for the question of when to have an abortion, the period of pregnancy is important.

Due to personal decisions or medical necessities that concern the health of the mother and the baby, unwanted or problematic pregnancies can be terminated via medication or methods such as delivering the baby. The week and the size of the pregnancy is important in choosing the right method. After the 20th week of pregnancy, babies that die in a mother’s womb are evacuated via child delivery. After the 12th week of pregnancy, medication is used. Abortion can only be had until the 12th week of pregnancy. However, the legal time limit for abortion in Turkiye is the 10th week of pregnancy.

Is Abortion Prohibited?

The medical interventions on terminating a pregnancy is a process which has emotional, psychological and legal aspects. Each country has its own legal restrictions and sanctions on abortion.The answer for “Is abortion prohibited?” changes according to the country. I will answer this question according to the legal system in Turkiye:

In our country, abortion can be legally performed until the 10th week of pregnancy within the framework of the rules and laws determined in line with the free will of the people. After the 10th week, pregnancies can be terminated if there are necessary medical conditions.

How Is Abortion Applied?

In today’s modern technology, abortions can be performed via vacuum aspiration method (Suction Curettage) which is an operation that takes a very short time. I consider Suction Curettage a safer abortion method for it minimizes the risk of infection, has shorter procedure time, has less risk of bleeding and fragments.

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