What Is The Legal Time Limit For Abortion?

Abortion (D&C; Dilatation and Curettage) is the procedure for termination of pregnancy and it takes its name from the application technique. Today, abortion is performed by vacuum aspiration method. With the negative pressure applied to the uterus, pregnancy is terminated and all remainings in the uterus are cleared away. This method is called Suction Curettage and it minimises the risk of complication post operation. Contrary to the classical curettage method, Suction Curettage is a method that we ususally prefer because the recovery period is shorter. The lenght of the operation can vary according to how far along is the pregnancy in terms of weeks. The legal period for abortion in Turkiye is 10 weeks. However if there are diseases or special conditions that risk the health of the mother and the baby that are detected in examinations and health screenings, this period can be extended up to 12 weeks. To learn about how the Suction Curettage procedure is applied and how the post-abortion process is, please continue with the rest of this article.

What Is Suction Curettage? How Is It Applied?

Suction Curettage is the most common technique used in termination of pregnancy not only in Turkiye, but also in the world. This procedure is applied using a vacuum device which provides negative pressure and a fine tip plastic cannula. Before a Suction Curettage procedure, following steps must be completed:

  • Performing a detailed gynecological examination on the patient
  • Determining the gestational week via Ultrasound
  • Taking measures to prevent the risk of blood clotting before the procedure
  • Providing information to the patient about the post-abortion process

During the application of the procedure, the follows as:

  • Preparing the patient on the gynecological examination chair in appropriate position for the procedure
  • Applying anesthesia. (Suction Curettage can be applied with general anesthesia, local anesthesia or sedation)
  • Insertion of a speculum to be able to observe the inside of the uterus and perform the procedure
  • Evacuation of the pregnancy via using aspiration

In Suction Curettage procedures, the duration of the operation changes according to the size of the pregnancy.

How Does The Post-Abortion Process Work?

To avoid any negative conditions post-abortion, patients must follow the instructions given by the doctor during the healing process. After the operation, the patient rests for 30-35 minutes in the clinic as they recover from the anesthetic effects. After the rest, patient is discharged and can continue with their daily activities. Suction Curettage is an operation that doesn’t require long periods of patient rest – however, that doesn’t mean that the patient shouldn’t be careful and gentle with their movements. This method is a surgical procedure and requires caution after the surgery. Post-curettage, it is risky to swim, have heavy physical activities, have sexual intercourse, not using the prescribed medication properly or at all. These behaviors should be avoided.

When Can Suction Curettage Be Applied? What Is The Optimal Week Of Pregnancy For This Procedure?

The ultrasound examination before curettage is crucial to determine the week of the pregnancy. The gestational sac should be visible in ultrasound. The period between the weeks 5 to 8 are suitable for having Suction Curettage.

DO NOT Have Abortion In Unauthorized Places!

Whether it is applied for personal reasons or due to medical necessities, abortion is a procedure that has psychological effects. At this point, gynecologists have great responsibilities. The psychological state of the patients, whether they are ready for the procedure and whether they are sure of this decision is extremely important for us. Social pressure, financial worries or lack of awareness can drive women to have abortions in unauthorized places. This can cause health problems that are difficult to compensate. No matter the choice of method for having an abortion, it is crucial to have a Obstetrics & Gynecology specialist to perform and follow the procedure. The role of the doctor is extremely important from the stages of making the decision to the completion of the healing process. Operations that take place in environments which don’t comply with hygiene rules, that are unhealthy and not controlled are risky even if it is applied by a doctor. In this context, the choice of clinic is extremely important as well as the choice of doctor. For proper guidance and protecting your health, you can book an appointment via https://www.yuliyadoster.com/online-randevu/ and can experience the comfort of being in safe hands regarding Suction Curettage procedures and post-abortion processes.

Prices Of Abortion Procedures

As we mentioned earlier, concern about the price of abortion can lead people to make wrong choices, which can create serious health risks. At this point, your primary concern should be your well-being. Patients should make sure to choose the right doctor and the clinic as they are determining reasonable price criteria for the procedure. To have information on the prices for D&C procedures, you can contact us via https://www.yuliyadoster.com/iletisim/

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