Why Does Genital Area Darkening Happen? How Do We Bleach Genital Area?

Genital area in general has a darker tone than our normal skin tone. This darkness may be a little more intense in people with darker complexion. However, apart from structural factors, there may be different situations that bring this issue foreward as a cosmetic and aesthetic problem. Whatever may be the reason, genital area darkening can be visually uncomfortable. Today, it is possible to eliminate or alleviate this problem and bring it to a visually and/or psychologically acceptable level with techniques such as genital area bleaching. Most of the aesthetic concerns that women experience about their genital areas are due to physiological reasons, that is, they have physical symptoms. Even though the problem of genital area darkening is perceived as only a visual issue, the underlying causes should be investigated and treated. Otherwise, the vagina whitening procedures applied with various techniques may have temporary effects. For this reason, let’s take a look at the triggering causes before moving on to solutions.

Why Does Genital Area Darkening Happen?

As I stated in the beginning of the article, our genital areas tend to be a darker color than our normal complexion. This is a sturctural situation. Over time, this issue can reach a very noticable level. In the face of this visually uncomfortable problem the first thing patients do is usually to search for genital area bleaching options. However, first we have to identify the causes. Most common reasons foloow as:

  • Hormonal Changes

Hormones are usually the triggering reason behind many medical issues. Hormonal changes occur in critical cycles where our bodies evolve, such as puberty, menopause, childbirth and breastfeeding. Sometimes even if these periods of change are completed, they can leave permanent scars in the body and genital area darkening is one of them.

  • Some Diseases

Some diseases can cause skin darkening in different parts of the body, especially the genital area. Chronic diabetes, under- or over-working of the adrenal gland located at the top of the kidneys are some of these diseases. In situations like this, although vaginal bleaching processes can work momentarily, these diseases should also be needs to be kept under control.

  • Genital Area Irritations

Classic waxing methods, epilation, irritations caused by tight clothing, acne and lesions cause irritations and eventually, genital area darkening. If the reasons that cause irritation are not eliminated, genital area bleaching can become a procedure that has to be repeated perodically.

  • Some Medications

Genital area darkening can occur as a side effect of certain birth control medications.

  • Smoking Habits

Intensive use of tobacco products can cause darkening on skin. It is one of the contributing factors in genital area darkening.

What Are Genital Area Bleaching Procedures? How Do We Apply Vagina Bleaching?

It is not the right approach to try to intervene in the genital area on casual recommendations. I recommend you to avoid methods that are not based on science and are not proven to work. Indiscriminately using herbal prescriptions you come across under the name of genital area bleacher on the Internet may cause irritations and permanent scars. As usual, we whould leave the solution of genital area problems to gynecologists. Today, laser applications are the method that offers the most effective results for genital area darkening. Femilift Laser device, which we consider the best laser technology, is preferred not only for vaginal whitening but also for improving various genital area functions. Femilift, the new model fractional laser device of Alma company is effective in eliminating various genital area complaints such as bladder sagging, pubis sagging, loss of pleasure in sexual intercourse, genital area shape and color disorders.

Is Genital Area Bleaching Expensive?

One of the most asked questions about genital area bleaching is whether it is an expensive procedure. The answer to the question changes according to the techniques that is used. In addition, who performs the procedure and where it is performed is extremely important in pricing. This issue fully requires a specialist’s approach. For this reason, this procedure being performed by people who are not competent can leave you with permanent problems. To solve genital area darkening problems, you can book an appointment from https://www.yuliyadoster.com/online-randevu/

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