What Is The Difference Between Temporary Hymen Repair And Permanent Hymen Repair?

Hymen repair, or as its medical term hymenoplasty, is the repair procedure of the hymen which can be damaged for various reasons. The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that bleeding occurs in the first sexual intercourse after the procedure. Surgery of hymenoplasty can be done as 2 different ways; a temporary hymenoplasty and a permanent hymenoplasty. Both procedures ensures bleeding in the first sexual intercourse after the surgery. The way the hymen will be repaired is decided during the gynecological examination. The most important factor in the decision-making process is the timing of the first sexual intercourse. Before going into details, I can explain the concept of timing in its simplest form as follows: Temporary hymen repair should be done close to the date of sexual intercourse. Permanent hymen repair, which is another option, does not create time pressure in sexual intercourse, as the name suggess. Bleeding happens whenever you have intercourse. You can read the rest of my article to get answers to your questions about hymen surgery.

What is Temporary Hymen Repair?

Temporary hymen repair, which is one of the methods of hymenoplasty, is a procedure that should be performed between 1 and 7 days before having sexual intercourse. It can lose its effectiveness after this period of time. This procedure takes an average of 10 minutes and if there is no wrong application, bleeding occurs during sexual intercourse. Excessive tightening can make sexual intercourse difficult. Temporary hymen repair is usually performed under local anesthesia and it is an option that offers a short-term solution.

What is Permanent Hymen Repair?

The other method that removes time from being a limiting factor in the hymenoplasty procedure is the option of permanent hymen repair. Let me explain what I mean by partially: After permanent hymen surgery, full tissue healing should be waited out for having sexual intercourse. In other words, it is necessary to wait to have sexual intercourse for 2 months after the procedure. Besides this, there is no limitation to have an intercourse in terms of time. The procedure is permanent and bleeding occurs whenever you have intercourse. This operation takes 20 minutes on average, and can be performed under general or local anesthesia.

What Techniques Can Be Used for Hymen Repair?

There are 2 techniques that are used in hymen repair surgeries. The first technique is the microsurgical method, and the second is the flap method. If the hymen is not completely damaged, microsurgical method may be preferred. It is performed by bringing torn edges together. The flap method is the process of stitching the hymen with tissue shifting technique. The flap method offers more effective results, especially in permanent hymen repair surgery.

Can Someone Tell if I Had a Hymen Repair Surgery?

There is a very curious subject about the hymen planting: Whether the individual had the operation is understood by their partner or not. Whether if you had temporary hymen repair or permanent hymen repair procedure; your partner cannot understand that you have had this surgery. Unless they are a gynecologist! Hymen repair can only be detected by a gynecological examination.

How Do We Decide the Techniques to Apply in Hymen Repair Surgery?

First, you have to have a gynecological examination. The structure of the hymen, the type of rupture and the extent of the rupture are important. After the gynecological examination, the type of surgery and technique are decided according to the patient’s history. In determining the most suitable method, when the patient is to have sexual intercourse and to what extent the hymen is damaged play role. An experienced gynecologist should be consulted in order the procedure to be successful and to avoid a troublesome situation after the procedure. The recommendations of the doctor regarding the pre-operative and post-operative processes should be taken into account, and the rules to be followed during the healing process should not be violated. Although hymenoplasty is a simple and effortless procedure, at the end of the day, it is a surgical procedure.

Prices of Hymenoplasty

Price of hymenoplasty varies according to the type of anesthesia, the technique to be applied and the clinic where the surgery will take place. For these reasons, the numbers you encounter on the Internet while doing price research can be misleading. I recommend you to also prioritize conditions of the chosen clinic as well as the price for hymenoplasty. Hymenoplasty is a surgical intervention and should be performed by specialist gynecologists in appropriate hospital or clinical conditions. You can contact us to have information about hymenoplasty prices and make an online appointment at https://www.yuliyadoster.com/online-randevu/ . You can access more information about hymen repair via https://www.yuliyadoster.com/tedavi/hymenoplasty/ .

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