What Can We Do To Have A Pink Vagina?

For women, it is an aesthetically attractive idea to have a tan skin. Sun bathing, going to solarium or using various cosmetic products are some of the various popular methods women use to achieve a tanned skin. However, when it comes to the genital area, the outlook changes. The dark appearance that we observe on our face or other parts of our body which we are extremely pleased with, do not create the same pleasing feelings in the genital area. The genital area, which tends to be darker than normal skin color, may turn even darker over time for various reasons. Although this discoloration, which can extend to the bikini area, does not cause any physical problems, it can turn into an aesthetic anxiety in some women. So, why does genital area darken? What can we do in this situation? Is it possible to get rid of this problem with individual effort or herbal remedies? What is the safest genital bleaching method? You can have the answers in this article.

Why Does The Genital Area Darken?

We can list the most common causes of darkening problem in the genital area as follows:

  • Genetic predisposition
  • Hormonal changes
  • Adrenal gland problems
  • Diabetes
  • Some hormone medications

Diagnosing the causes that lie beneath the genital darkening problem is key to preserving the results of the treatment for a long time. For example, as long as diabetes is not kept under control, you are likely to experience this problem again. During periods of hormonal fluctuations such as childbirth and menopause, we may encounter the problem of genital darkening frequently. Fort his reason, before leaning into vaginal bleaching treatment, the causing factors should be researched properly.

Is It Possible To Bleach The Vagina At Home?

There are many products with herbal ingredients in the marked which claim to have the bleaching effect on the vagina. Additionally, there are many herbal “remedies” that claim to have the vaginal bleaching effect shared on the internet. However, it is not possible to fight with this problem with individual measures. When you apply products that you do not know how to affect to an extremely sensitive organ such as the genital area, you may cause irritations, infections and permanent lesions. You should go to a gynecologist for any problem related to your genital area, including discoloration.

Is Laser Genital Bleaching An Effective Method?

We use laser technology to regain the natural pink look of the vagina. In our clinic, we use the Femilift laser device for vagina whitening and other non-surgical genital beautification procedures. Femilift laser, a new generation carbon dioxide fractional laser device, offers extremely successful, satisfactory and effective results in eliminating many physiological problems such as urinary incontinence, inability to orgasm, vaginal infection and darkening of the genital area. Femilift laser device has procedure-specific apparatus available for each individual problem. It has separate heads for vaginal rejuvenation and for vaginal bleaching and spot treatments. Genital rejuvenation with Femilift laser is very popular with the following advantages:

  • Procedures take a short time (20 minutes)
  • No pain felt during applications
  • Changes and effects of the treatements are felt immediately
  • Procedures do not affect daily flow of patients’ lives

How Are The Patient Feedbacks Of Vaginal Bleaching Procedure In Yuliya Doster Clinic?

We get very successful results and positive feedbacks from our patients who have undergone the vaginal bleaching treatment with Femilift carbon dioxide fractional laser device. When comparing the before and after of vaginal bleaching, we observe that discoloration problems has been largely resolved. Our patients are extremely satisfied with the results of the application and frequently state that they reached a peaceful state with their genital areas and they have overcome their shyness about nudity in their sexual lives. If the darkening in your genital area bothers you visually and you have to close the lights to make love, just contact our clinic. You can easily and quickly regain the natural pink color in your genital area. Start your treatment via booking an appointment online at https://en.yuliyadoster.com/online-appointment/

Vaginal Bleaching Price

Prices for laser vaginal bleaching vary according to the technology used in the application, the experience of the practicing doctor and the popularity of the clinic where the procedure takes place. The most important issue is the obligation that people who are not experts on female genital area should not interfere with the genital tissues, rather than the price of procedure. Operations performed by unqualified people without expertise and experience, and in unsuitable conditions may fail and lead to serious health problems. If you are looking for a trusted address for vaginal bleaching treatment, you can contact us via https://en.yuliyadoster.com/contact/ and ask us questions you have on prices and treatment details.

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