What Are The Symptoms Of Tissue Remains After Experiencing A Miscarriage?

Miscarriage is spontaneous pregnancy loss due to various reasons without any medical intervention. This condition that happens before the 20th week of pregnancy. The most common cause of miscarriage is chromosomal disorders. In addition, the general health of the mother can include diseases or problems that may lead to miscarriage. Some post-miscarriage conditions may require emergency intervention. Complaints such as intense bleeding that lasts long, severe pain in groins and pubic area, fever are symptoms of tissue fragments post-miscarriage. In conditions like these, remining tissue fragments must be cleared via an abortion procedure. Among these symptoms, severe bleeding and pain complaints are also the most common signs of a failed abortion procedure. Unsuccessful abortion procedures also refer to the situation where the pregnancy couldn’t  be terminated completely and tissue pieces are remained in the uterus. For this reason, an examination by a doctor must be done both after a miscarriage and an abortion. Complaints such as bleeding, pain and fever should be shared with the doctor immediately.

How Do Residual Fragments During Miscarriages Happen?

Loss of pregnancy can be an extremely traumatic experience for women. The reasons for this sad condition which happens to a lot of women in the world are not fully known. In general, tissue fragments are expected to come out during miscarriages. In miscarriages where tissue fragments did not come out, abortion operations can be brought forward. Severe pain in the groin, brown colored discharges, intense vaginal bleeding and back pain can be considered to be signs of miscarriage. The strongest indicator of a miscarriage is tissue fragments coming out. In the event that these irregularly shaped parts coming out, a doctor should be contacted immediately without waiting for the signs of residual fragments after miscarriage.

Is Abortion Required After A Miscarriage?

After a miscarriage, the inside of the uterus should be observed with ultrasound to determine whether the miscarriage fully happened. In cases where the miscarriage happens following the 7th-8th weeks, the possibility of fragments remaining in the uterus must be taken into account. In cases where pregnancy materials remain, the uterus must be cleared via an abortion procedure. Fragment remains after a miscarriage can cause infections. In such cases, the abortion procedure is carried out after the completion of the infection treatment.

Is Abortion After Miscarriage Risky?

It is necessary and important to have gynecological examination and see whether the patient needs to clean the uterus with abortion for future pregnancies. If an abortion is not performed, patients can experience serious infections in the future, which then can lead to infertility. However, abortion is a surgical procedure and each surgical procedure has its own varying levels of possible side effects and risks. Minimizing these risks as much as possible depends also on the behaviors of the patient after the abortion. In order to achieve a faster recovery, the doctor’s warnings and instructions should be taken into account and strictly followed.

Is It Dangerous To Miscarry Tissue Fragments After Abortion?

Bleedings that occur after abortion and continue for a long time is consideredamong the symptoms of unsuccessful abortion, and the first thing that comes to mind is the possibility of pregnancy materials remaining in the uterus. Bleeding in the form of blood clots after the procedure is related to the expulsion of the remaining tissues from the vagina and it is considered normal. If the bleeding is a lot and clots which come out of the vagina are big in size, the possibility of fragments remaining in the uterus should be considered. In this case, a second abortion operation is needed.

Who Should We Go To For An Abortion?

Abortion procedures must be performed by a gynecology specialist in sterile clinic conditions. Loss of pregnancy, whether happened because of a miscarriage or an abortion, is a situation that creates stress and sadness. Patients should be very selective in choosing a doctor and a clinic in order to not experience serious complications or heavier psychological trauma. In our clinic, where all treatments for women’s health are successfully performed, we perform the abortion procedure without ignoring the psychology of our patients. Our patients, who are accurately informed in detail about the processes before, during and after the procedure, know that both their health and privacy are safely protected in our clinic. The comments on online platforms where post-abortion patient experiences are shared are a concrete example for why we are the most preferred gynecology clinic in Bursa. If you are experiencing symptoms of miscarriage, have medical emergencies that require an abortion or want to terminate the pregnancy with your own will, you can click https://www.yuliyadoster.com/online-randevu/ to fill form and book an appointment online.

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