Does Labiaplasty Cause Loos Of Physical Sensitivity In Vagina?

Labiaplasty, which is one of the most popular genital beautification procedures of recent years, can sometimes be a medical necessity or a personal aesthetic preferance. To answer “What is labiaplasty? Why is it needed?”, I recommend you to continue reading our article.

First of all, we need to briefly mention the problems that women frequently encounter with their genital areas and the causes of these problems. Vagina is a genital organ which is visually and anatomically different in each women. In time, it can experience deformation due to aging, changes in weight and unbalanced hormones. Inner genital lips (labia minora) can be sagging and bulging to the outside due to these reasons, or because of its natural structure. According to the level of sagging, this condition can cause genital infections from friction and irritation as well as visual disorders. Fortunately, there is a solution. With Labiaplasty procedures, you can get rid of labia minora sagging without difficulty. With Labiaplasty, labia minora sagging problems can be taken under control both aesthetically and functionally. What is Labiaplasty? Labiaplasty is the operation of correction and reshaping of the inner genital lips (labia minora) located at the entrance of the vagina. Does this intervention cause loss of sensation in the vagina? Or does it affect the quality of orgasm? These are the most frequently asked questions on this procedure.

Labiaplasty And Sexual Sensation

Whether it is applied for aesthetical preferances or for treating physical complaints, Genital Aesthetic Procedures by a majority serves to the quality of sexual life. Each genital problem that is treated leads way to a healthier sexual life. Complaints such as pain during intercourse can be a sign of genital infection. This creates difficulty for intercourse, or can create lack of confidence due to visual discomfort, which then can lead to fear of being seen naked or avoiding physical touch. In any case, sexuality is important for a human’s life. Inner genital lips are an important part for sexual pleasure. Therefore, it is natural that any surgical or non-surgical intervention to this area can cause concern. Labiaplasty operation is a procedure which makes the clitoris suitable for arousal and improves the quality of orgasm. So far, the feedbacks I have received from all my patients who have had labiaplasty is that their sexual sensitivities has increased after the excess inner lips sagging tissue is removed. I also frequently encounter the questions “What is Labiaplasty? Does it cause loss of sensation?” Although patients do not have to worry about the procedure, there is a very important issue that you should pay attention to in order not to risk the physical feeling in the vagina. That is, the necessity of performing this procedure with appropriate techniques and by gynecologists specialized in Genital Aesthetics. Achieving healthy and desired results is only possible in this way.

Freedom Of Choosing Desired Underwear or Outerwear With Labiaplasty

Bulging and sagging of the inner lips can restrict the choice of clothing. Choice of underwear is important for women, since it is the innermost state of feeling good from the inside out. Excess sagging of inner lips can cause physical, psychological and visual discomfort in not only underwear, but also with tight pants, yoga pants, jeans and swimwear. Frictions with the underwear turns into irritations, which then leads way for genital infections. Labiaplasty procedures gives freedom of clothing, while it also lowers the risks of infections.

Surgical Operation or Laser Procedure? Which Method Is More Effective For Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty procedures can be applied via 2 methods that are surgical and laser. Each technique has its own advantages. Laser procedures have shorter periods of healing, however they are more appropriate for treating minor problems in the labia. Laser can be a good option if there are small asymmetries or when different procedures are not needed to be performed simultaneously.The most important factor in determining the technique for Labiaplasty operation is the tissue structures and properties of the patient. For this reason, choice of technique depends on the individual anatomy of your tissues and the degree of your complaints.

Prices Of Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty procedure prices varies according to the choice of technique, if Labiaplasty is to be combined with any other procedure, the level of sagging in the inner genital lips and the choice of clinic. To have a correct information on prices, you can contact us via . You can find answers to your questions such as what is labiaplasty and how is it applied by viewing the treatment options on our website.

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